Welcome back to the blog! It’s our 10th anniversary

Yes, we know it. It has been a long time since we updated content in The Blog of Hort Alba Garcés. But … what better occasion than to start over to celebrate our tenth anniversary, do not you think?

We came back with some changes, a lot of enthusiasm and a lot of topics. We are sure that you will be interested. We want to resume our conversation as if the years had not passed.

In this time many things have happened, but the quality of our products remains intact.

First of all, we have to thank everyone for this decade of confidence. Without you we would not have been able to get here. So you are part of this success.

And … for those of you who do not know us yet, do not you think this is a perfect moment to start doing it?

Family Alba Garcés
Family Alba Garcés

Hort Alba Garcés is the fifth generation of a family business. It has a tradition of more than 200 years. Based in Picanya (Valencia), the main livelihood of the first generations was the countryside. Today, we continue to work with the same pride and passion.

The years guarantee our experience. We maintain the pleasure of doing things as before, but adapting to the new times. That’s why we decided to open our online business back in 2008, with a lot of effort and investing, day by day, in training and innovation.

Our products are part of an integral agriculture, without intermediaries. We cultivate in an ecological environment and without added chemical products. We pick our fruit when the order has been made to ensure that freshness and all its properties arrive from the tree to your home in 24 hours.

In our online store, in addition to our fruits, oranges, tangerines or lemons, you can also find other high quality products such as nougat, honey, jams or rice. All of them 100% natural, as we like it.

Go through our website and you will see the amount of good things we have for you. Sure your mouth is watering! We will be happy to take the best of the field to your table.

To finish, and once the presentations are made, we want to propose a weekly appointment. We want to be in touch with you from today, not only on social networks, but here on our site. Do you accept?

Until next week, do not fail!