Tips to fight orange peel effect

We love the orange, but we don’t have skin… Cellulite is usually called, at least in Spain, orange peel effect.

The question you must be asking yourself now is, how can this fruit help me to fight this problem?

Well, first of all, define concepts.

What is cellulite or orange peel?

It is subcutaneous fatty tissue that is stored, until it protrudes through the epidermis, and forms small nodules that resemble the skin of an orange.

Although it is more common in women, men also do not get rid, so these tips will interest you all equally.

How to fight it?

Although our dear fruit has the dubious honor of giving him the name, it is also an effective remedy to fight it. It is proven that the consumption of fruits rich in water and vitamin C give structure to the tissues and help in the synthesis of collagen.

Benefits of Orange

This fruit, and in general all citrus, will help us:

  1. Improve blood circulation. This favors the elimination of fluids and prevents their retention, which is very helpful when it comes to reducing fat accumulation.
  2. Toning the skin. Helps reduce flaccidity that may be caused by weight loss or lack of exercise.
  3. Antioxidant. Due to their multiple vitamins, they are a magnificent antioxidant and, as such, helps to neutralize free radicals, allowing the production of collagen, which makes the skin look softer and rejuvenated.

But, not only natural oranges help to improve circulation and tone. A derivative, like orange oil, is excellent for making anti-cellulite massages due to the properties that it brings to the skin. It has excellent anti-aging properties due to its high neroli content. It can also be used to prepare a relaxing bath.

Healthy Life

Obviously, eating oranges is not the only remedy. Having good habits, avoiding sedentary lifestyle, doing sports and taking a proper diet, are key to improving our health and therefore the appearance of our skin.

From Hort Alba Garcés We encourage you to take a lot of fruit and live a healthy life. Ask for one of our boxes and start tomorrow to take care of you.

See you next time!