Ridges: types and how to make them

Today in this video you can see how we do the ridges at hand, in this case we will see two types of ridges, the first is a transverse banked-up bed to strip not much height, in a field of irrigation by flooding or blanket, the purpose of this banked-up bed is to cause water to accumulate before pass you and that infiltrate the water in the soil and the water used in this way the Orange advantage it better. These ridges have to redo them constantly since water can break them and they would no longer make its function.

In the second part of the video we are redoing the ridges for planting vegetables in our greenhouse, these ridges are parallel and closer than the previous ones, in the following video of garden care will see that we will plant on these ridges. The ridges of the greenhouse, are rolled back in time to plant and harvest, and remove vegetables or vegetables to plant. So from time to time between planting and planting of vegetables you have to reinforcement and redo the ridges.

Finally the ridges that are planted orange trees are usually done with machinery, are parallel and wider and arrive from one point to another of the garden, sometimes with the passage of time these ridges are lowering and it is advisable to redo them.

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