Preparing the irrigation ditches for irrigation by flood

Irrigation by flooding or blanket

The hood of citrus is the return of summer, and the part most important to have good oranges is watering orange trees properly.

To understand the work we have done today first we have to explain, what is flood irrigation to those who do not know. As its name says is flooding the zone of the central row of orange trees. This is a very old technique brought or applied by the Romans, and perfected by the Arabs. Water is channeled by canals and ditches to the row being water through the spout for work. The spout is an opening in the drain, of work, with a palette that is manually removed for watering the desired row.

This type of irrigation causes a great erosion of soil in the area of the spout and therefore today have been plugging the tunnels causing this erosion, to prevent future erosion have collected stone that we had in another area of the field and have moved it to the shafts. In the video we can see how we have performed one of the stone. Then we have partitioned and leveled the stone to make it more comfortable to spend on them.

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