PARTY October 9



Valencia so forgetful sometimes, have retained great fidelity to the date of October 9 throughout the centuries.

October 9, 1,238, day of San Dionís, entered triumphant King Jaime I the Conqueror to his beloved Valencia, after driving out the Muslims of Valencia. The Valencian people to externalize their joy did with the most sound and typical of our people: the gunpowder plot.


During the second centenary of the commemoration, the length and width of the whole city did not let shoot these artifacts called “Piules and Tronadors”. The use and abuse of these fires, was so exaggerated that the authorities took measures and soon ended up with this custom. But the bakers that have always been present in the religious and civic calendars of Valencia, made the miracle that pyrotechnic articles called, you piules and tronadors not disappear completely, although these are not fireworks but “marzipan”. These candies come back every year on 9 October, day of San Dionís, accompanied by small fruits and vegetables, also of marzipan, all within a silk handkerchief, recalling the loot;    called “SANT DONÍS MOCAORA” gift that it is offered to the beloved person.

Set candy

The photographs are oven pastry Vicente Baixauli of Picanya, Valencia.

Do not forget to place the orders before the bridge, because we will not send mandarins day 12 per party.

Or by phone at the 961591344 where we will attend to them happy

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