New product mandarins Clemen-Ruby

We are pleased to inform you that we began the 2010 campaign with the Tangerine Clemenrubi, served in attractive boxes of 10 or 15 Kg. This Mandarin has an intense orange color, tender and juicy pulp, in addition, their juice has a nice flavor and the ripening point which deserves.

Our tangerines ripen on the tree and harvested one by one without subsequent washes, waxed and not much less put in refrigerated.

After placing your order, we hand select them and pack them, putting all our attention so when you open your box of sweet tangerines, you have the feeling that the Valencian lands have come to your home or to the finish which catch his own plantation

Mandarin ClemenRubi

Did you know that the mandarins Clemenrubi have their origin in a spontaneous mutation of the Tangerine Oronules? Discovered around 1994 by Juan Navarro, in Loriguilla (Valencia), gave the exclusive world of exploitation to AVA ASAJA.

This Mandarin has patent protection in Spain, European Union and other countries, so do not allow its cultivation or marketing without a license.

On transport, we send our tangerines to anywhere in Spain and Europe, in a waterproof box for the transport of food, so the 10-15 kg. mandarins actual reach you in perfect condition.

They can enter our site and see the different prices for this excellent fruit and buy it at the same time.

You can ordering on our website

Or by phone at the 961591344 where we will attend to them happy

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