Greenhouse 1 care – cleaning of weeds

Today we bring you a video, which was part of a series of videos, "The care of the greenhouse", dealing with care we can and we must make in a greenhouse. In this first video we will see how using a technique thousands of years removed the weeds "carefully", of course we are talking about using a hoe. It is highly recommended to reduce the number of weeds that come out in the greenhouse, remove herbs that we are eliminating so that the seed of these weeds does not fall on the ground, since equal to that vegetables develop better in the greenhouse also weeds do, that we have used a plastic bassinet to take the herbs inside and avoid let the seed inside the greenhouse. Finally once we have impeccable greenhouse have collected vegetables that were already good. Peppers, two eggplants and a Zucchini.

In the next video of care of the greenhouse we see how redo a banked-up bed and plant new vegetables.

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