Last days of the season

We approach the last days of the season, but you are still in time to enjoy many of our products.

We, for our part, are already immersed at 100% in the next campaign to continue bringing the best of the field to your homes.

That is the essence of the Alba Garcés family for generations. The love of the countryside and the pride of being able to share it with all its clients that, fortunately, we have not only in Spain, but spread throughout much of Europe.

To all of you, as always, a thousand thanks for continuing to trust us. You are the best of the rewards of hard work, but very satisfying.

Here we leave a selection of the products still available in the store.


Pomegranate MarmaladeAs you know our jams are made in a homemade and traditional way. They do not have preservatives, or colorants, which results in jams with a characteristic flavor that has nothing to do with the taste and aroma of industrialists. We have available grapefruit jam, pomegranate jam, tangerine jam, Mandarin communal marmalade, and bitter orange marmalade.

Those who have tested you know what we mean.


We still have availability of our later variety, the navel Chislett and orange juice.


Of these small, you can order the boxes of 10 and 15 kg of late Mandarin. Of course, the custom boxes of oranges and mandarins are still on sale.


Like jams, our honeys are 100% natural, extracted from each of the flowers. We have orange blossom honey, honey from Milflores and of course our Rosemary honey.

Orange Blossom Honey





We encourage you to continue visiting our shop and enjoy what is left of the season.

Oh! And stay tuned to the blog, because this summer we will give you some surprise.


See you soon!