Grafting in a sit-in of citrus

Graft is a technique of plant propagation in which a variety or a specimen is "implanted" in another compatible so that both join forming a unique specimen, in the case of citrus fruits the technique most used for grafting is graft through sheet metal, which is what we see in the video.

The basic tools for can make a graft successfully are: the injertador displayed in the image, the budwood of the variety that we want to graft from which they draw sheets, and finally a special graft plastics.


Injertador citrus for grafting


This technique consists in taking a chosen variety, in this case "navelina", a sheet of the stick, the stick is a young shoot of the same year or up to two years, the variety that you want to graft. To remove the cut at right angles all around the Central magnificent of the outbreak leaving 2 or 3 yolks as minimum in veneer because it is where rebrotara veneer because these buds and with these outbreaks will train the new tree of the grafted variety. It is important that the plate comes out whole and that will not break, to prevent the air from between the veneer and the tree.

Once we have the veneer will measure on the branch or trunk graft length between the short perpendicular to the direction of the branch, will make the two cuts with the injertador, then open the crust making a cut perpendicular to the two previous cuts. Then with the help of the injertador open the bark of the tree by removing a similar surface, or slightly greater than that of veneer.

We put the sheet in this space and we hold it securely with plastic, these plastics to withdraw between fifteen and twenty days, to avoid that veneer is suffocating and make room for the outbreak to grow. All this we can see it in the video below.

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