Bitter orange Marmalade

This recipe serves both to sour as sweet oranges, mandarins, lemons oranges, Grapefruits etc…

2 kg of sour oranges, without wax.
2 litres of water.
The juice of 2 lemons
2 kg of brown sugar or white (if white can be a little less).



Rinse the bitter oranges with water and if necessary, scrub with a scouring pad. Cut in half and squeeze the juice and set aside in a recipiente¸ also set aside seeds, which we will put them in a bag of fabric
Then surrounded shells them in two liters of water, simmer for 1 hour, when cool remove the white inside skin of oranges, with a spoon and cut the Peel into thin strips.

Place in a container shells of Orange into thin strips, the lemon juice, the juice that we have extracted from the Orange, sugar and the bag of seeds, leaving it marinate overnight in the refrigerator.


The next day this mixture, bring to a boil for at least 40 minutes to simmer, checking if it is sufficiently cooked, so pour a drop of jam on a cold plate of the refrigerator, and no slips when the plate is tilted, it is that it is ready to be put into sterilized jars.
Pour it in jars when the mixture is still boiling, close and let them mouth down for 24 hours.



This bitter orange Marmalade requests a dark bread, spelt and rye, and a piece of butter. It becomes a healthy breakfast, a jar of Sun that can turn a grey winter morning on a special day.
Perhaps the color, maybe the taste slightly bitter, but can also be a complement for a cheesecake or simply some toast with white cheese and a spoonful of this delicious jam.

It is also the ideal accompaniment of a good was.


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Care garden 3 – eliminating weeds and grass

Today in the garden care 3 let's see how to clean the edges of the garden there where the lawn ends and left space for planting flower plants. In summer every 2 week or as much 3, will need to perform this type of cleaning in the garden, in winter these tasks can be more spaced since grass grows much less.


Also with the cutting edge that we saw in the garden care 2 cut and set will be the end of the lawn, so that this not out of limits that we want, and it gives you a much nicer appearance. As well as this way we avoid that the lawn will extend or invade other areas of our garden that we wouldn't want with grass.

First have cut the grass with the cutting height we want then with hoe and very careful not to hit irrigation or the plants of flower that we don't want to remove will remove all weeds and excess grass in the desired area.

3 Garden care


As you can see the difference between the state of the edge of the garden before and after this work is very striking both the Elimination of weeds and by the arrangement of the lawn.

Here comes the chapter today's Garden care 3 I look forward to the next chapter, and do not fail to visit our blog and go to see our products that are for sale on our website.


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Ridges, types and how to make them

Today in this video you can see how we do the ridges at hand, in this case we will see two types of ridges, the first is a transverse banked-up bed to strip not much height, in a field of irrigation by flooding or blanket, the purpose of this banked-up bed is to cause water to accumulate before pass you and that infiltrate the water in the soil and the water used in this way the Orange advantage it better. These ridges have to redo them constantly since water can break them and they would no longer make its function.

In the second part of the video we are redoing the ridges for planting vegetables in our greenhouse, these ridges are parallel and closer than the previous ones, in the following video of garden care will see that we will plant on these ridges. The ridges of the greenhouse, are rolled back in time to plant and harvest, and remove vegetables or vegetables to plant. So from time to time between planting and planting of vegetables you have to reinforcement and redo the ridges.

Finally the ridges that are planted orange trees are usually done with machinery, are parallel and wider and arrive from one point to another of the garden, sometimes with the passage of time these ridges are lowering and it is advisable to redo them.

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Grenades Valencianas – Hort Alba Garces

This year, for the first time, Hort Alba Garcés puts at the disposal of its clients, grenades Valencianes, homegrown, characteristic for its good sweets, and with little carpellary membrane and bark fine.

And now that pomegranates are already ripe, we invite you to try them at Hort Alba Garcés. In the video you can see how we are collecting shells, with the greatest care possible for these to not spoil a coup and reach our customers in perfect condition.


Grenades Mollar Valenciana

The Granada Mollar of Valencia, nowadays considered one of “superfruits” by the large number of chemical compounds containing potassium, calcium, magnesium and vitamin C, a powerful antioxidant and low caloric value, due to their low carbohydrate content.

Grenades beans bright red color makes it very striking for their consumption, both for desserts, salads of grenades, also we can use it in juice that is refreshing and very nice.

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Care garden 2 – planting Aspidistra

Today we bring you a new chapter in the care of the garden, in this occasion we have a plant that was too large to be potted, and therefore we had to remove it crop it and splitting it into 2 new pots, the plant in question is an Aspidistra elatior commonly known as living leaves. This striking plant for its large, green leaves, has a growing and this can be a problem when this planted in pots that can be to pop them, and to avoid this have done this work.

In the first place and not with little work we've got the whole plant of its original pot and have divided it in 4 parts smaller than two of which we will again put in pots, as the last time we used a mixture of soil and substrate for plants. We have done the hole to the potted plant and we have filled it with earth that was missing.

The two parts of the original plant put them on the floor in an area at the end of the road, to do so, first made the hole to put the plant with the cutting and hoe remove earth, which we could then use to cover the root ball. So once covered ground the root ball is compact and we repeat the process with the last part of the plant. Staying a nice formation of Oleander, Nerium oleander, in the background and two Aspidistra plants elatior in front and lower, accompanying the supply.

We have used parts of the plant to get new pots but if you don't have that possibility, it is highly recommended that when you see that the pot is full of Aspidistra, you extraigáis the plant and vaciéis it will not break the pot and the plant grows with more greenery and vigor.

Thank you for your time and do not forget to visit our website which has been renovated.

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Care garden 1 – planting potted

Hort Alba Garcés apart from taking care of our fields and orange, we have a garden that we care and we try to let the most beautiful possible, we are going to start a series of videos in which we will see the care that we do in “garden care” both newspapers and some less common as planting or transplanting trees.

In this first chapter, Garden care we see as planting two ficus benjamin in pots paths, plants that had previously killed. These pots will be located in a passageway that has opted for a plant that does not have thorns and spikes to do us no harm, and will be on the outside, but to practically covered by what ficus should resist well the climate changes, due to the stations.

First that all have emptied the pot of the Earth above and removed the plant dead. empty the pot have once a first layer of stones to prevent the Earth leaking watering the plants, and a first third of the pot with homemade peat. As we are going to prepare two pots for planting prepare two Middle Earth barrows and mix with half bag of peat each, this form will get a perfect for this type of plant mixed substrate.

We are filling the substrate mixing pot, trying to make height the plant after finishing cover the rest, thus we know always that height finished the floor, we have the height that you like, we will leave the plant and fill with the substrate and slightly compress the substrate. We will then water abundantly the pot, thus settling the land and if necessary we can finish well fill the pot. Thus ends this chapter in care of the garden.

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Recipes with oranges for vegetarian diets

Oranges for vegetarian diets

Recipes with oranges in the vegetarian diet are a staple that should never miss. The nutritional benefits of oranges and citrus fruits in general, make them essential in this type of cuisine where not consumed products derived from animals, as they are fruits that represent an important natural source of vitamins, able to reduce cholesterol and contribute to make us feel better.

Benefits of oranges in vegan and vegetarian diet

For some time, diets vegan and vegetarian have become popular. On the one hand, the vegetarian diet is characterized by not eating animals. On the other hand, the vegan diet not only prevents also rejects the consumption of products derived from animals, such as milk or eggs. The Elimination of these elements in the diet is giving rise to new and curious dishes, which contrast with the traditional recipes of the Mediterranean cuisine. In these new recipes without meat, citrus fruits such as orange, lemon or grapefruit have a prominent place.

Recipes with orange in the vegetarian diet provides essential nutrients. Often, when speaking of vegan, or vegetarian diets usually think full of vegetables and vegetable dishes. No further! A balanced diet, even if it has no meat, includes many other products such as cereals, dried fruit and, of course, fruits such as orange, lemon or tangerine. As in any other diet, citrus fruits are an important source of vitamin C, a basic element for the development of bones and iron absorption, and its consumption is linked to good health and fighting so typical diseases such as cold or flu.

Although it may seem like a fashion, the truth is that diets in which meat is not consumed have a long history. Some sources cite the Greek classical and mathematical scholar Pythagoras as one of the first vegetarian, committed to animal suffering, which preferred to avoid this type of food and focus on other types of food, what today would make him a vegetarian with all of the law.

Salad with oranges recipe

How can I incorporate oranges diet vegetarian or vegan? Although we are accustomed to eating fruits in desserts, it is possible to also incorporate other types of dishes. Famous is, for example, the orange salad.

To enjoy a refreshing salad of Orange for four people only we need a head of lettuce, a chive and between one and two oranges, depending on what we like (we recommend using two oranges to give the most special touch). Simply prepare the lettuce as in any other salad and cut the onion into julienne strips. Separate the oranges into wedges and removes the white pielecilla. Season with olive oil, vinegar and salt and you're ready to enjoy this great dish suitable for vegan and vegetarian diets.
Vegans with citrus desserts recipes

Then, we offer two recipes for vegans with citrus desserts to dazzle your guests. Two simple recipes using lemons and oranges which, with little effort, will get to enjoy some delicious vegan desserts, taking advantage of all of the properties of citrus and dazzle your guests with these curious dishes.

Vegan lemon Granita recipe

To prepare a single Lemon Iced need several lemons (between 8 and 10 lemons is a good measure), 250 grams of sugar and 1 liter of water to get a dessert so rich as suitable for a diet vegan. To prepare, simply squeeze the fruit and add them to the water. On the other hand, sugar is separately mixed with a little water, to then add it to the water with lemon.

Put everything in a bowl and leave it in the freezer; every 20 minutes, remove the mixture from the freezer, so you avoid the frozen blocks. When you escarche, pour it into a jar, from which you will be able to serve the guests.

Polvorones of Orange and cinnamon recipe vegan

Although polvorones sound like Christmas, any time of the year is good to enjoy a few cakes of Orange and cinnamon as that we are presenting here. Read the recipe for Orange cakes and cinnamon suitable for vegans and vegetarians.


  • 250 grams of fat
  • 2 tablespoons of cinnamon powder
  • 100 grams of sugar
  • An orange
  • 200 grams of flour
  • 3 tablespoons cornstarch
  • A little salt
  • Half a cup of sugar glass for the coverage
  • One third of cinnamon powder for coverage

To get these delicious vegetarian Orange polvorones, we beat the margarine with the sugar until it forms a spongy appearance cream. Cream, add all other ingredients, except cinnamon powder and sugar glass that we have departed for the coverage, then mix it all well.

Now, we need to extend plastic film on the table, on which we will add flour well distributed. There we will work with the dough and thanks to this combination of plastic and flour will succeed not us sticking. The idea is that the dough will become a kind of rounded cylinder. Then, dough with plastic wraps to put it in the refrigerator without that nothing of air. Leave it there an hour, so that it hardens to cut it easily.

After removing the plastic, cut it into pieces; each of them will be one of Orange vegan polvorones. These pieces will go to the oven, where we cook them at 150 degrees for 15 minutes, to then allow them to cool for 5 minutes. Finally, we will use a plastic bag where we will miss both the confectioners sugar and the cinnamon. We put the polvorones, close the bag and stir it so that each of them is well covered by both ingredients. And ready to serve!

These are just a few ideas of recipes suitable for vegetarian and vegan diets oranges, but there are many more. It researches, innovates and invent your own recipes with citrus, a few staples in any diet, rich in vitamin C and beneficial to the health of the family.

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Grafting in a sit-in of citrus

Graft is a technique of plant propagation in which a variety or a specimen is "implanted" in another compatible so that both join forming a unique specimen, in the case of citrus fruits the technique most used for grafting is graft through sheet metal, which is what we see in the video.

The basic tools for can make a graft successfully are: the injertador displayed in the image, the budwood of the variety that we want to graft from which they draw sheets, and finally a special graft plastics.


Injertador citrus for grafting


This technique consists in taking a chosen variety, in this case "navelina", a sheet of the stick, the stick is a young shoot of the same year or up to two years, the variety that you want to graft. To remove the cut at right angles all around the Central magnificent of the outbreak leaving 2 or 3 yolks as minimum in veneer because it is where rebrotara veneer because these buds and with these outbreaks will train the new tree of the grafted variety. It is important that the plate comes out whole and that will not break, to prevent the air from between the veneer and the tree.

Once we have the veneer will measure on the branch or trunk graft length between the short perpendicular to the direction of the branch, will make the two cuts with the injertador, then open the crust making a cut perpendicular to the two previous cuts. Then with the help of the injertador open the bark of the tree by removing a similar surface, or slightly greater than that of veneer.

We put the sheet in this space and we hold it securely with plastic, these plastics to withdraw between fifteen and twenty days, to avoid that veneer is suffocating and make room for the outbreak to grow. All this we can see it in the video below.

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Preparing the irrigation ditches for irrigation by flood

Irrigation by flooding or blanket

The hood of citrus is the return of summer, and the part most important to have good oranges is watering orange trees properly.

To understand the work we have done today first we have to explain, what is flood irrigation to those who do not know. As its name says is flooding the zone of the central row of orange trees. This is a very old technique brought or applied by the Romans, and perfected by the Arabs. Water is channeled by canals and ditches to the row being water through the spout for work. The spout is an opening in the drain, of work, with a palette that is manually removed for watering the desired row.

This type of irrigation causes a great erosion of soil in the area of the spout and therefore today have been plugging the tunnels causing this erosion, to prevent future erosion have collected stone that we had in another area of the field and have moved it to the shafts. In the video we can see how we have performed one of the stone. Then we have partitioned and leveled the stone to make it more comfortable to spend on them.

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Greenhouse 1 care – cleaning of weeds

Today we bring you a video, which was part of a series of videos, "The care of the greenhouse", dealing with care we can and we must make in a greenhouse. In this first video we will see how using a technique thousands of years removed the weeds "carefully", of course we are talking about using a hoe. It is highly recommended to reduce the number of weeds that come out in the greenhouse, remove herbs that we are eliminating so that the seed of these weeds does not fall on the ground, since equal to that vegetables develop better in the greenhouse also weeds do, that we have used a plastic bassinet to take the herbs inside and avoid let the seed inside the greenhouse. Finally once we have impeccable greenhouse have collected vegetables that were already good. Peppers, two eggplants and a Zucchini.

In the next video of care of the greenhouse we see how redo a banked-up bed and plant new vegetables.

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