Differences between natural juice and fruit concentrates

Natural juice, nectar, fruit concentrate… When we go to the supermarket, we find a myriad of options. But are they all the same?

There are different juices of squeezed fruit, which include the pulp and those that do not. We find them fresh (refrigerated) and long-lasting. These, within the already prepared, would be the most “natural”.

What are the differences between each one? Are they as good as the natural squeezed juice at home?

There are a lot of questions, so let’s try to respond in the best possible way.

Types of juices

The fruit concentrates. The process of making this product varies depending on the fruit. Usually, it starts eliminándole the water to the juice, because it reduces the storage space and lowers the costs to transport it.

Pasteurization Process Fruit Concentrate
Pasteurization Process

Then the water is reconstituted, ie it is added again to be a drink again.

In order to ensure that the product will not be altered, fruit juices and nectars undergo a heat treatment called pasteurization. Sometimes sugar is usually added.

Nectar is obtained by adding water and sugars or sweeteners to the pulp of the fruit, which are not natural or typical of it. The nutritional differences with respect to a natural juice are noticeable, because they have more calories.

The natural juice. Without any doubt, the best juices are those that are prepared at home, with natural fruit and taken at the moment, because they do not lose any of their vitamins, minerals and properties. They are not subjected to any industrial process and all the sugar they contain is the natural of the fruit. Another advantage is its high fiber content.

Natural juice, the best choice

In short, if you had to recommend one among all the varieties offered by the market, natural juice is what wins by landslide. Some of the other options usually have low fruit content, as well as additives, so it is always better the natural.

From Hort Alba Garcés We recommend the consumption of natural fruit, whole or in juice, for the infinite benefits that they have for the health.

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Until next week we hope you will read us again!