Garden care part 3 – Remove weeds and grass

Today in Garden care part 3, we are going to learn how to clean the edges of the garden where the lawn ends and left space for planting flower plants. In summer time, every 2 weeks we will need to perform this type of cleaning in the garden. In winter, these tasks can be more spaced, as grass grows less.

Also with the cutting edge that we saw in Garden care part 2, cut and set will be the end of the lawn, so that this not out of limits that we want, and it gives you a much nicer appearance. As well as this way we avoid that the lawn will extend or invade other areas of our garden that we wouldn’t want with grass.

First have cut the grass with the cutting height we want then with hoe and very careful not to hit irrigation or the plants of flower that we don’t want to remove will remove all weeds and excess grass in the desired area.

As you can see the difference between the state of the edge of the garden before and after this work is very striking both the Elimination of weeds and by the arrangement of the lawn.

Here comes the chapter today’s Garden care 3 I look forward to the next chapter, and do not fail to visit our blog and go to see our products that are for sale on our website.

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