Care garden part 2 – Planting Aspidistra

Today we bring you a new chapter of the care of the garden, in this occasion we have a plant that was too large to be potted, and therefore we had to remove it crop it and splitting it into 2 new pots. The plant is an Aspidistra elatior commonly known as living leaves.

This striking plant for its large, green leaves, has a growing and this can be a problem when this planted in pots that can be to pop them, and to avoid this have done this work.

First of all, and not with little work, we’ve got the whole plant of its original pot and have divided it in 4 parts smaller than two of which we will again put in pots, as the last time we used a mixture of soil and substrate for plants. We have done the hole to the potted plant and we have filled it with earth that was missing.

The two parts of the original plant put them on the floor in an area at the end of the road, to do so, first made the hole to put the plant with the cutting and hoe remove earth, which we could then use to cover the root ball. So once covered ground the root ball is compact and we repeat the process with the last part of the plant. Staying a nice formation of Oleander, Nerium oleander, in the background and two Aspidistra plants elatior in front and lower, accompanying the supply.

We have used parts of the plant to get new pots but if you don’t have that possibility, it is highly recommended that when you see that the pot is full of Aspidistra, you extraigáis the plant and vaciéis it will not break the pot and the plant grows with more greenery and vigor.

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