Care garden 1 – planting potted

Hort Alba Garcés apart from taking care of our fields and orange, we have a garden that we care and we try to let the most beautiful possible, we are going to start a series of videos in which we will see the care that we do in “garden care” both newspapers and some less common as planting or transplanting trees.

In this first chapter, Garden care we see as planting two ficus benjamin in pots paths, plants that had previously killed. These pots will be located in a passageway that has opted for a plant that does not have thorns and spikes to do us no harm, and will be on the outside, but to practically covered by what ficus should resist well the climate changes, due to the stations.

First that all have emptied the pot of the Earth above and removed the plant dead. empty the pot have once a first layer of stones to prevent the Earth leaking watering the plants, and a first third of the pot with homemade peat. As we are going to prepare two pots for planting prepare two Middle Earth barrows and mix with half bag of peat each, this form will get a perfect for this type of plant mixed substrate.

We are filling the substrate mixing pot, trying to make height the plant after finishing cover the rest, thus we know always that height finished the floor, we have the height that you like, we will leave the plant and fill with the substrate and slightly compress the substrate. We will then water abundantly the pot, thus settling the land and if necessary we can finish well fill the pot. Thus ends this chapter in care of the garden.

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