Bitter orange Marmalade

This recipe serves both to sour as sweet oranges, mandarins, lemons oranges, Grapefruits etc…

2 kg of sour oranges, without wax.
2 litres of water.
The juice of 2 lemons
2 kg of brown sugar or white (if white can be a little less).



Rinse the bitter oranges with water and if necessary, scrub with a scouring pad. Cut in half and squeeze the juice and set aside in a recipiente¸ also set aside seeds, which we will put them in a bag of fabric
Then surrounded shells them in two liters of water, simmer for 1 hour, when cool remove the white inside skin of oranges, with a spoon and cut the Peel into thin strips.

Place in a container shells of Orange into thin strips, the lemon juice, the juice that we have extracted from the Orange, sugar and the bag of seeds, leaving it marinate overnight in the refrigerator.


The next day this mixture, bring to a boil for at least 40 minutes to simmer, checking if it is sufficiently cooked, so pour a drop of jam on a cold plate of the refrigerator, and no slips when the plate is tilted, it is that it is ready to be put into sterilized jars.
Pour it in jars when the mixture is still boiling, close and let them mouth down for 24 hours.



This bitter orange Marmalade requests a dark bread, spelt and rye, and a piece of butter. It becomes a healthy breakfast, a jar of Sun that can turn a grey winter morning on a special day.
Perhaps the color, maybe the taste slightly bitter, but can also be a complement for a cheesecake or simply some toast with white cheese and a spoonful of this delicious jam.

It is also the ideal accompaniment of a good was.


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