Artisan Beer WAI

Hello everybody! We said we have some news in our last entries… Well, now is the time to tell you about it. From now on, you can buy on our website in scoop, the artisan beer WAI.

As you know, in our store you always find quality products, and this beer is the best for real.

Artisan beer

The secret of the artisanal beer Wai is the elaboration, absolutely traditional, exactly like it was made 500 years ago, but with the advantage of the knowledge acquired since then to our days.

Each phase of the process is controlled to the smallest detail in order to obtain a quality beer, with a lot of flavor and aroma, but under bitterness.

Artisan Beer Wai toasted and blondeof low fermentation, unpasteurized and without preservatives, the toasted version predominates the citrus flavors and floral aromas. On the other hand, in the blonde there are refreshing flavors and aromas of tropical fruits.

Cervezas Wai, is made in Picanya (Spain), some neighbors driven by the lack of supply of a quality artisan beer, joined a master brewer, and bet on launching a product care and different. Hort Alba Garcés is among them. “The objective is to offer a quality beer, different and original with a range of flavors and aromas that allow consumers to enjoy their consumption.”

We have boxes of 24 bottles of 33 cc., both of lager beer and toast. There are also mixed boxes.

it´s the better way to enjoy the World Cup Russia 2018, a nice fresh and delicious beer like this, and celebrate as you deserve the goals of your team.

We’re going with Spain, of course!

Don´t wait more. Visit our website, we are the only place where you can buy. See you!