Oranges Washington

The Whasington oranges have arrived!

It is the Queen.

Variety originated from a spontaneous mutation of Washington in the area of Lemon Cove, California, where it was discovered in 1935 and started planting for commercial purposes immediately. It was introduced to Chile in 1968 and possibly it was reintroduced at the beginning of the 90’s, so it was a variety known in the country before the start of exports of oranges.

The tree is almost indistinguishable from Washington Parentl, although somewhat more compact. It has a glass ball with an open growth habit and slightly dropped with branches reaching the ground, while in evaluations in California had lower performance than other varieties, it is considered a variety of media within the Navel group production.

The fruit is of medium size or larger, round and with a navel that is more prominent than other varieties of Navel. The intense orange color shell is a thick middle, firm and slightly rough. Its internal quality is similar to the Washington P. With a good content in juice, acidity and sweetness. It is a variety very appreciated in the market since it has an excellent combination of color, shape and internal quality.

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