Hort Alba Garcés tells you the release of the latest Mandarin of the season the Nadorcott, in boxes of 10 or 15 kilos, very juicy pulp which you and your loved ones can enjoy from February to June, no matter how you use it, eat fresh, sorbets; etc. in any case it let down you by your exquisite sweetness, flavor.


Afourer or Nadorcott Mandarin is the latest variety of Tangerine that is known, pro – it comes from a mutation of the Murkott, coming from Morocco, nowadays is a variant of the Afurer estu-diando in the Instituto Valenciano de Investigaciones agrarias, but not sold.


It is a late Mandarin, it is in perfect condition of gathering in mid-February, extending his collection until may or June since it holds perfectly in the tree.

The fruit is almost intense red and a very attractive natural brightness. The color decreases if left on the tree, but does not affect to the broth, this is of great quality and quantity. Peel well, being a claim for children.

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