The field. A lifetime


Since long before the use of reason or what is the same thing, since my reason knows the history of my ancestors, I can say that the field has been the professional root that has fed a family tree that still, after five generations, is giving the best fruit.
Now in the times that run, like everything in society evolves, the field has also and has changed to adapt to the needs of the 21st century. Although we must recognize that these changes have not been entirely beneficial for the farmer who lives and maintains a family of their crops. Once, most, that first and second generation of which spoke before, told me my father, that their main livelihood was the field without having another alternative. The third and especially the fourth generation no longer live directly from agriculture however, which we like and we feel good in the field maintain and exploit our harvest even if this low gain and sometimes losses.


I, breath pure air in the field, I like to stroll through the orchards and orange blossom smell while I release me from all the stress that I pick up from the city where I work. I’ll confess, although for many cosmopolitan will be stupid, although I am happy with my profession because I dedicate myself to it I really liked, one of the incentives that every morning invited me to work, is to live in the countryside. Yes, I feel lucky: work which studied with the effort they made my parents, combining the field work to third parties, and live in the countryside, two large inheritances which I have left and that I enjoy with my family, a string that my children do not want to break.
And, not only this, we have also gotten together exploit in the most modern way possible our fields and with them its fruit to offer the best product, the best way and the best price in relation to its quality through fewer hands possible but if counting with the most expert and sensitive. A new project where Orchard Alba-Garces approaches you freshly picked oranges from the tree to your home in less than 24 hours and all through its website because the field also exists in the information society in which we live in today.


That is why we want to invite you to visit our new website where you will find many novelties for those who already know us and for those who do not know us discover the importance of eating a fresh fruit and freshly collected from the tree with this link to enter to the main page of our website

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